World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush
World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush

World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush

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Watch @trinitycomedy use our World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush!
"The last good brush I bought was the Denman brush, but now I'm glad I got this one! I love that you all offer the brush in black because it won't get discolored over time from the use of product. It's even great for short hair like mine!"
- @trinitycomedy

Are you tired of the long, drawn out struggle of detangling your hair during your wash process? Do you experience breakage when you attempt to use your current comb or brush? 

"Sis! Stop struggling and get the World of Curls Detangler Brush!"


Introducing the #1 Detangler Hairbrush on the Planet! The World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush will absolutely change your hair care regimen.

❌ No more painful comb outs!

❌ No more losing clumps of hair in the shower!

❌ No more frustrating washes!

❌ No more wasted hours on your detangle process!

This innovative Detangler Hairbrush makes it super easy to detangle any hair type - from straight to curly to kinky, whether wet or dry.

Perfect for all hair types from 3A - 4C!

With the simple flip of the adjustment clip, the head of the World of Curls Detangler brush adjusts to comfortably accommodate your hair type, so there's no pain and no pulling your hair out.

Here's why the World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush is an important part of your wash process:

✔ The brush head adjusts to eliminate excessive pulling and breakage.

✔ Using it to properly detangle enhances your natural curl pattern and makes styling much easier.

✔ It promotes health and growth without the damage caused by improperly detangling.


 Black woman with beautiful natural hair.

What people are saying about the World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush:

"This brush is ahhmazing! Every woman should have one!"

"I would definitely recommend to others."


"Detangles very well...I have kinky hair"

Here's how simple it is to use the World of Curls Detangler Hairbrush:

Step 1: Wash your hair or wet your hair (our brush can also be used on dry hair).

Step 2: Add your favorite wash-out or leave-in conditioner to your hair and massage it throughout your hair to the ends.

Step 3: Add the adjustment clip at the setting most suitable for your hair type.

Step 4: Separate your hair into sections.

Step 5: Starting from the ends, brush through your hair to detangle.

*Make any adjustments to the brush setting by removing the adjustment clip, resizing the head of the brush, and relocking the adjustment clip.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy with your order, please contact us within 14 days of delivery and we will replace your order or ship you a new brush. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more info.